Backbone Resources

January 23rd, 2011 - Madrid

I’ve been collecting some posts and videos about backbone js, and I wanted to share them before going to @GermanDZ talk on Backbone + Rails + Handlebars, but I just realized that most of them have been already published in the repository wiki:
Tutorials, blog posts and example

There we have a nicely structured list of tutotorials. Beside those listed there, these might be worth taking a look:

Backbone Patterns This is a document with best practices in Backbone.

Backbone Fundamentals A creative-commons book on Backbone.js for beginners and advanced users alike

Backbone JS tips - Lessons from the trenches

Stop using backbone as if it were a stateless web server

Introducing the backbone boilerplate

Don’t limit your backbone apps to backbone constructs

Backbone Rails Easily use backbone.js with rails 3.1, there’s also a video

talks & screencasts

Talk at Pivotal Labs Pivot Jay Phillips shows how to get started with Backbone.js and demonstrates how he uses it on projects.

Talk at Boston Ruby Group Learn how Backbone.js is put together, how to use it with Rails, and how to make building JavaScript-heavy web apps a pleasure.

Talk at Sandiego Ruby Group Ryan Weald gives a brief overview of Backbone.js and the advantages it has for your project.

Also, there are three three (not free) tutorials at Peepcode, which I bet are pretty good.

Peepcode - BACKBONE.JS Basics

Peepcode - BACKBONE.JS Interactivity

Peepcode - BACKBONE.JS Persistence