Our Tetuan Valley Posts

December 18th, 2011 - Madrid

We had a great experience participating in this last Tetuan Valley edition, there are many things I could say about it but for now I just want to link to the posts that alex and I wrote for the TVSS’s blog:

Please make it profitable

It’s been already some years for us dreaming and struggling to build a good startup and over this time we’ve changed our minds about what a great business model implies.

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Launching a startup is impossible (without a thermal detonator)

Lately, we’ve been laughing at the never ending pile of difficulties in order to run a startup. It’s the same kind of laughter that you have when you dive through a huge wave in the sea just to meet her bigger sister and the rest of the family upon emerging.

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source: surlana.deviantart.com

Developer's Toolbox

This is a matter of personal taste, but there are still a few recommendations that we wanted to share and that we would’ve wanted someone to tell us… (more )