Tripl ( is a startup from Hamburg that finds personalized travel experiences based on multiple algorithms and collective intelligence.

Key technologies: Single Page App, Data Analysis, Background Processing, Angular, Ruby on Rails


In this development shop ( I worked in several projects

Key technologies: Ruby on Rails, Angular, Backbone, PostgreSQL, Electron, Spree


Pagebox is a CMS that you can insert anywhere you want. It lets you collect and share information through structured lists.

In this project we continued with some of the ideas of our previous startup, focusing on its use as an embeddable CMS and knowledge management system.

Key technologies: Ruby on Rails, Backbone, PostgreSQL, Redis, Capybara, PhantomJS


Referema started as a visual directory of the people and organizations, meant to help people get to know each other better so they take advantage of the opportunities they had in common.

This directory approach didn't generate enough interest, and we iterated towards a system where a company could other types of contents to this directory and publish it.

Key technologies: Ruby on Rails, Backbone, MySQL, Titanium

In the first version, people could add profile information to a directory through public forms, and the results would be displayed after approval in the website, the embeds, and the iPad application.

We participated with this Startup in the Tetuan Valley Startup School


During these years I worked occassionally as Freelancer in between startups.

Key technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MySQL, Wordpress, Prestashop, Shopify


Wolty is a journal to save and share every new thing that you learn from a language. We designed as a way to keep track of new words and contexts, with a review system based on spaced repetition and features to learn from other peers.

As a cofounder I worked in every aspect - development, design, logistics.

Key technologies: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, MySQL

The first version tried to facilitate the language exchange between students of different institutions in Bordeaux, France. The main section was about asking and answering questions in different language combinations.

We had the collaboration of the Ecole ENSEIRB-MATMECA, and it served as a pilot project to promote entrepreneurship activities between the University students and the Incubator UNITEC.



I'm not a designer, but with effort and interest I got to design the interface and graphical elements of wolty, referama, and pagebox.


I went to an art academy on Saturdays for years. I's been a while but it's still a part of me.



I have been tinkering with computers since I was a kid. At 12 I started doing some simple programs with QBasic, rendering images with POV-Ray and uploading some basic websites.