Common questions at Techcrunch Disrupt SF 2011

25th September 2011 - Madrid

I took advantage of the weekend to watch the videos from the last Techcrunch Disrupt through their itunes feed) and I made a compilation of the most common questions for the teams grouped by similarity:

market & user acquisition

who’s the user? Which is the size of your market? How do you accelerate the uptake in that market?
How do you get the attention of people? third party distribution strategy? tie-ins? How do you get to this group? Where would you initialize focus? How are you gonna market it? which are your verticals? which are your partners?

value proposition & differentiation

Why would I use this? Do people already have that behaviour or how are you going to get them in that behaviour? What’s the value proposition? Who needs this and why? Why would someone use it? What’s the specific feature that you’re giving him? How is different to X? What do you believe is the single most important thing for consumers that you solve better than X? What’s your position against your competitors? How are you going to compete against X? What’s the differentiator? / How do you get the differentiation? What’s the new piece that you are bringing in?

business model

How do you guys will charge? What’s the business model? Which business model do you focus on first? What would be your second business model?

other interesting questions

What stops a second player from doing X?
How will your product roadmap look like? What locks you in to the artist? How you will moderate user content? When did you launch? Where does your traffic come from?